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Verdi Requiem - "Liber Scriptus"

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I am often asked if, with everything I do in the speaking world, I am still active in the music world? The answer is yes, I am.

Besides absolutely loving music and performing with excellent musicians, the reason I continue is because singing pushes me to my limits. It forces me to go into situations that are very similar to the situations Leaders often experience. How would I be able to train leaders to conquer stage fright when I never put myself on stage? How would I be able to train leaders to remain calm in stressful situations, when I choose to remain on the sidelines? How would I be able to train leaders to excel if I myself had never led a group or put a production on the stage?

Singing classical music requires endurance, perseverance, and stamina. It requires the ability to plan and analyze, to interpret and to be able, within certain boundaries, to be innovative: All the elements that good leadership requires. In performing myself, I help leaders perform better themselves.

In my singing career I have been very blessed to be able to sing works that are truly beautiful and to work with musicians who are amazing. Whether it is a chamber music recital or the Verdi Requiem, large oratorios or Lieder repertoire, there is something to be learned from the music or from the experience. If you would like to know more about what I am currently working on, please take a moment to visit my blog!





Verdi Requiem - "Liber Scriptus"

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