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Make an impact! Seminars



What are the Make an impact! Seminars?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have such a presence that when they walk into a room they own it? When they speak everyone seems to listen?

For you in your everyday work, it is important that you be taken seriously and get your message heard. That is what my MAKE AN IMPACT! Seminars do for you.

My MAKE AN IMPACT! seminars are designed for top and future management, thought leaders, innovators, speakers and educators. They bring together all of the years of experience and knowledge that I have in three intensive course packages.

In these seminars you will learn how to use your voice to its maximum capacity, how to use your body like a pro, and how to own the room and sell your message!


The Results you can expect from the make an impact! seminars:

With the Make an Impact seminar you will . . .

. . . use your VOICE as a powerful communications tool

Why train the voice? According to the Karmasin Motivation Research in Austria, a trained voice conveys authority, assertiveness, credibility and competence. Picture this: You come into a meeting and there, standing directly in front of you, is a beautiful woman dressed to the nines. She is wearing a beautiful Armani suit and Gucci shoes and is beautifully styled. You go to her to introduce yourself, and, all of sudden, she says hello in a high-pitched voice that reminds you of Minnie Mouse! It is difficult to take her seriously.

Emotions, competence and authority are conveyed through the voice, and no matter how well-dressed or well-educated a person is, if the voice doesn't show it, we don't accept the person as an authority.


. . . use your BODY LANGUAGE like a PRO

Haven't we already learned everything there is to know about body language? Maybe. Maybe not. Countless studies have shown that the body language is the most influential aspect of communication. To understand how body language works is to master the art of communication. In this seminar we will approach body language as an actor approaches it: from the inside out! You will learn techniques that actors use while preparing for the stage to help you BE confident and convincing. To assure that your body and voice are in tune with each other to succeed!


. . . OWN THE ROOM from the moment you walk through the door

Owning the room is about Presence, having an inner and outer strength that makes you unstoppable and irresistible. Through our intense course in mental training, voice training and body language, you will be mentally and physically ready to take on the most difficult of situations. You will be able to remain calm and convincing. You will motivate your audience to hear, accept and act upon your message! 


The Seminars:


This powerful one-day seminar will set you on your way to giving dynamic, persuasive presentations! In this introductory course you will receive tips and tricks as to how to train your voice, body language and overcome stage fright. You will learn the 5 Systems of a successful presentation and begin to lay out the plan for your successful message.



This intensive 4-day seminar is your ticket to success on the stage! In the most intensive presentation seminar on the market today, you will train your voice, your body language, and your ability to se the room to your advantage. You will learn how to overcome stage fright. You will hone your message so that you reach, move and motivate your audience.


Make an Impact! online seminars


Beginning in 2016 you will have the opportunity to participate in the most intensive, comprehensive performance seminar EVER! This online seminar spans two years, and includes intensive vocal training, secrets of the acting trade, mental fitness trainings, access to Laura's MeetUps and MUCH MORE! 




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