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VIP-COaching Days - The most individual & intense presentation coaching you will ever have!

How do VIP-Coaching Days work?

Your VIP-Coaching Day does not begin on the day itself - it begins long before!

Before your VIP-Coaching Day we will have two telephone/skype conferences (approx. 1 hour each) to etablish your needs and to prepare you for our day together.


Conference #1 - Finding Your Voice

The first conference is to set up your schedule for our time together, so that you can get the most out of our sessions and to prepare you for the VIP-Coaching Day.

Through an intense interview process, you will organize and arrange your thoughts to maximize the dramatic flow and effectiveness of your presentation. We will discuss the types of media you will be using and analyse the room situation to optimize your success. You will effectively find your voice.


Conference #2 - Your Presentation Needs

During the second conference, by skype or facetime, you will give a brief (roughly 5 minutes) part of your presentation. During that I time, I will do an analysis of your presentation needs (voice, body language, overcoming stage fright, using the room to your advantage, etc.), so that we can plan our time together for your day.


THE VIP-Coaching Day Itself!

On this day we will be together for eight intensive hours of training, where we will focus in on your needs and hone your skills, so that you will master your presentation. It doesn't get any more intense than this!


Follow Up

After the VIP Coaching Day, we will have two telephone/skype conference calls: The first will be shortly after your VIP Coaching Day, so that we can clear up any open questions you may have from the Coaching Day itself. The second conference will be after the presentation, to analyse how it went and what possible future steps may be recommended to make even further progress.


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